Create and develop your startup ecosystem with OpenHub

Track startups and entrepreneurs for Everyone.

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Open Source Ecosystem Management Tool

Stay relevant and explore opportunities using our integrated open-source ecosystem management tool. Ecosystem developer like you are able to create an overview of your startup ecosystem by centralising information.

Single Source of Truth

Store and manage all your innovation assets, resources, stackholders, startups and information in one place. Not in silo spreadsheets and emails.

Build Together

Connect and collaborate with key players in the industry ecosystem beyond your organisation borders. Crowdsource content, scout, accelerate, partner, or invest in promising opportunities.

Data-driven decisions

Get real-time in-depth insights. Identify gaps and make data informed decisions to support the development of your ecosystem.

Tested & Proven

OpenHub is the system that powers MaGIC with 18k+ startup &s; entrepreneur users since 2017.

Open Source

Forever free and open-source. The entire codebase is available on GitHub and cultivated by contributors, backed by MaGIC tech team.


Different projects have different needs. OpenHub is extensible through Modules, Themes, APIs and Override.


Security is crucial for organisation. Host your data safely, on your own servers.

Available Modules
Resource Directory
  • Searchable resources by persona, startup stages, industry & geo location
  • Crowdsource resources from users with admin approval
  • Auto sync events from all ecosystem stackholders
  • Participants tracking and analytics
  • Post-event survey
  • Integrated with:
  • Create & manage form online with customisable processing workflow
  • Groups multiple forms with Intake
  • Reuse data like company profile during submission
  • Export to CSV & PDF
  • Auto close form on expired date

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Create and develop your startup ecosystem with OpenHub. Track startups and entrepreneurs for Everyone.